Dejiah Archie Davis (b. 1997) is a multimedia artist from Cleveland Ohio, and who is anticipating on receiving her BFA in Fine Arts,from Columbus College of Art and Design. Her medium expands within painting, sculpture, video, and sound installation. She has exhibited at MOCA Cleveland, and other places such as Corrugate and Acock Galley. She is now focusing on her third group show at 934 Gallery, and her thesis show to be held at Beaton Gallery.

I am a mixed media artist who explores the use of negative space, by focusing on the absence of home, and the disconnected relationships that take place within them.Growing up as the only child, I had a great amount of concentration towards the religious conversations my grandparents exchanged, the consistency of arguments between my mother and father, and the cartoons and rap music videos that kept me company. It was the absence that showed me how to look around at what was present: the dark windy nights at my dad’s house while hearing dog barks and bullet rounds, transitioning to birds chirping and gospel music playing in grandma’s kitchen. Through scale, color,restoration and appropriation, I try to pin these memories to found objects. By creating in this way, I am able to release the weight each memory carries, while building my own representation of what home may look like.